Who Needs a Nickname?… Tourists Comic Strip Blows up.. and a Home Opener..




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home opener on Tuesday ended up in a 7-5 loss to the Greensboro Grasshoppers.
The Tourists smacked another ten hits and five runs but came up just short in
the ninth. UNCA’s Kevin Mattison snatched a game-tying double away from


Bowman to end the game and send the Tourists to a 1-4 start. What may have been
lost in the shuffle was an outstanding performance by most of Asheville’s bullpen, including hometown
favorite Allan DeRatt, Adam Jorgenson and Tyler Trice who is our topic of
conversation today.

            Trice, from UNC Chapel Hill, has a great baseball name
and it might just be ripe for a nickname. The scouting book on Trice is not
full of praise for a great pitch, power or pizzazz, but he does show poise.
Trice (although saddled with the opening day loss in an inning that feel apart
with some poor defense) picked up a scoreless 
1-2-3 innings on Tuesday, reflecting his 2008 UNC numbers.. check it

20 Games, 17 2/3 IP, 21K
and a 2.04 ERA… so perhaps he did not put up any dominant strikeout numbers or a
blistering 95 MPH fastball, but Trice was good enough to be selected in the 21st
round by the Rockies last year. So For a guy with not a lot of sizzle, but
hopefully with great production a nickname is truly in order.. suggestions are
required.. Her is what we came up with:



Asheville already has two of these…

Every great player has some sort of play on his first and last name. T-Rice
works both with first (Tyler)
and last (Trice) names in the mix.. The best way to judge if a name can work is
based on how it sounds in-game. Imagine PA announcer Rick Rice giving the
introduction at McCormick Field…”Now pitching for your Asheville Tourists from Cherryville, NC..
number 33 … Tyler, TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT-RICE…” and the crowd roars.. Put that
sizzle in your steak…. This can also develop over time into T-dog, T-Mn, Mr. T,
T-fired rice and many more…



Some of the great
nicknames are based off not the name but the person and type of player.. think
the late-“Bird” Fydrich or Ernie Lombardi and “The Schnozze” For these purposes
we will stick to the name itself.. our second options could be..


Thrice –  This one is fairly self
explanatory. Could be used as “Once, Twice, Thrice you’re out”… or it’s “Thrice
up, Thrice down, Greensboro
retired in order”… something to that effect.

Perhaps we should just
stick with Tyler Trice, a right hander in the Tourists bullpen that is shaping
up to be solid this season.


On a side not the comic
strip has blown up and made ballpark digest http://www.ballparkdigest.com/

Enjoy.. Team plays two
today. Today’s Jeff’s Auto Sales Comic...IF IT IS TO BLURY, CLICK HERE AND MAGIC THINGS HAPPEN



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