Opening Day.. The Return of the Comic… and Optimism

    So, Asheville dropped the season opener 1-0 to Kannapolis in the bottom
of the 10th inning.. so what? We shall extract some positives, and turn
a blind eye to five errors and 14 strikeouts. Instead let us talk about
what could be the emergence of Robinson Fabian as a staff ace and
leader on the 2009 team. Fabian spun 6 shutout innings and racked up
four K’s to one walk and put the team in a position to win. Greg
Infante for Kannapolis may have caught the team off-guard with a steady
95 MPH fastball. Timing is off for some of these hitters, so try not to
cast them aside just yet.
    Pitching appeared to be the strong suite
for this club on paper when the roster where annouced last weekend and Fabian, backed by two shutout innings from
Aaron Weatherford out of the bullpen justified that belief. Tonight,
with rain coming down from Kannapolis, the Tourists will toss Parker
frazier, and 8th round pick out of high school from Tulsa, Ok. Frazier
has been praised as a dominant ground ball pitcher with great poise and
pedigree. Perhaps the wet conditions will aid him tonight.
As we
promised, and thanks to the great folks at Jeff’s Auto Sales, the comic
strip “Tales of a Tourist Hipster” is back and it begins tonight. Click on the link for the full version.. ENJOY  Hipster 4.9.png


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