Lapin, Lindsay and Losses Oh My!

Asheville has endured two big losses -some would call spankings or whitewashings –  at the hands of the Columbus Catfish. Clearly Columbus is not the same team the Tourists beat seven of eight times in May as the Catfish are now tied with Asheville for second place in the second-half standings and are fighting for their post-season lives. However Asheville has received giant production from unexpected sources such as Brian Lapin (three homeruns in the past three games) and Brent Bowman.


“Brian Lapin delivers the Championship Bulldog Power”


For Lapin it is a relief to see the Fresno State product pick up the pace and recover from injuries that he endured at the beginning of the season. Perhaps the emergence of Lapin can be better summed up by the famous cartoon character He-Man: “By the Power of Greyskull, I have POWER!.” The Rockies and Lapin knew that all along.

heman.jpgAs for Bowman, the Tourists are able to float along without Jeffrey Cunningham who is still recovering from a strained muscle. Bowman was called up from Tri City during the last homestand and has been making solid contact ever since. With Bowman in the lineup, Joe Mikulik has been able to use Darin Holcomb as the number three hitter and gives the skipper what looks to be a solid RBI style bat.

The pitching is a whole different concern and we will reserve judgment on Australian Shane Lindsay until his next couple of outings. Lindsay in a limited debut for Asheville had an impressive 2 2/3 innings pitched on Saturday and delivered explosive mid- 90’s fastballs before leaving in the third inning.

            To sum up some sentiments around the Park, here for everyone’s pleasure once again is the Comic strip. Enjoy. For the full readable version click here




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