Rain from Hagerstown.. Six Wins Running.. and North Vs. South Again..

The Tourists had their eight game road trip postponed on Monday with a rainout from Hagerstown. It always seems to rain here and now the field looks like the Belmont race track circa 1977 – sloppy. Don’t believe us? Well Hagerstown has dealt with rain before and at one point even changed their name to the Hagerstown Raindrops

Asheville is back to pounding the ball, pitching well and playing solid defense. So basically kicking tail and taking names. The eight games against the Northern Divison will be a good litmus test to see where this team actually stands as a championship contender.


“Dont forget the South has fried pickles, just gimmie the chips and not the spears”


Talking with some of the umpires and players at the All-Star game in Greensboro the consensus was that the North was more talented than the South. Keep in mind Asheville is 16-9 against the North, and the South will always have secret weapons that include Willie Nelson, fried pickles and sweet tea.


“Three in a row- go for one more… thats when you got a streak going on. Asheville is on six.”

connect four.jpgThe Tourists swept Rome on Sunday have won six consecutive games. The longest winning streak of the season stands at nine games and began May 24th in Columbus and ended in Hickory on June 3rd. To us a winning streak actually begins at four. Then and only then can it be considered a “streak.” Think connect four with ballgames instead of red and white tokens.  It will be tough to take both ends of a doubleheader however it did happen once against the Crawdads in early April. Bruce Billings will pitch game one and Connor Graham will toss the second game. Both have been consistent for the Tourists, but is asking for two wins in one day being greedy? Perhaps, but we will anyway. On a separate not Robison Fabian allowed just one run (unearned) on Sunday to pick up his second win of the season. Nobody is comparing Fabian to the departed Chacin (10-1) but it is definitely an auspicious sign, especially since the reliable Sheng-An Kuo has struggled in his last three outings.  

roller derby.jpgAwaiting on the pictures from the Roller Derby Girls and Caslamity Jane’s appearance on the show will be posted once we receive those. The road trip begins tonight barring rain, and well, lets play two.



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