WTF!! Did That Really Happen.. Really?

..Yup, that about sums it up

WTF.jpgWe are still not sure how to handle last nights 13-12 walkoff loss by Che Hsuan-Lin in Greenville. The initial response that came across the internet and instant messenger was WTF. For those who don’t know about the WTF,  the citizen-times had a story on it earlier this week which can be read here.

Asheville battled back from a 10-2 deficit with big hits all around. Everth Cabrera smacked a two-run homer in the ninth inning that can be heard here. 
Cabrera 4th.6.29.08.mp3. David Christensen tied up the game with a single in the ninth that can be heard here
Christensen. tie 1B. 6.29.08.mp3. And Warren Schaeffer put the team out in front with a single that can be heard here…
Schaeffer Go-ahead.6.29.08.mp3All of that was uplifting, until Che Hsuan-Lin hit a walkoff that can be heard here…
Lin WO.6.29.08.mp3. That my friends is a recap of the WTF at Flour field yesterday evening…..          “Che Hsuan-Lin……Really?”

It all poses the the simple question: “What was the Greatest comeback that never ended up being a comeback” Any thoughts on this are certainly appreciated and the initial series that came to mind was Boston in ’75. Remember, Bernie Carbo hit a game tying
Carbo.jpgthree-run homer, and Carlton Fisk hit his historic homerun to give the Red Sox the win in game six. Well.. umm.. the Reds not the Red Sox actually won that series and if WTF had been around in 1975 then that would have been the response. You tube has a run down of the top ten comebacks in sports history.. and yes available here 

So while we sort out if this was actually a spirited, never-say-die-Rudy-valiant-effort comeback or a heart wrenching-spit-you-out-punch-me-in-the-face loss – think of some of the best comebacks that never actually happened and let us know.

The optimists here give the fellas an “A” for effort and move on to try and avoid the longest losing streak of the season with Robison Fabian making his third start of the season tonight, the first in the stead of recently called up Jhoulys Chacin.


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