Do You Remember the Time?

It was not too long ago (two weeks or so) when the Tourists were tearing up the league with solid pitching, outstanding defense and timely hitting. Things have slipped a little recently so to remind us all of that time we h
Team Photo I.JPGave here a photo from the All Star game last Tuesday in Greensboro.


  “Do you Remember the Time” a Michael Jackson early 90’s hit (can be heard here…
Micheal Jackson – Do You Remember the Time.mp3)
 can be the theme for Today as Jhoulys Chacin will try to pick up his 11th win of the season. With Rockies General Manager Dan O’Dowd in attendance today, this may be the last we get to see of Chacin who has been magnificent this year. So seasons from now the fans here at McCormick field might look back and think. ‘Do You Remember the Time’… when Chacin was lights out in 2008. We sure will.


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