Charleston Chews, Second Place and R.E.M”


Asheville arrived in Charleston, SC early Friday morning to begin a battle once again for first place. With the 4-3 loss to Savannah on Thursday, the team has lost three straight for the first time this season and will once again fight it out with the RiverDogs who won again last night over Greenville.


Yeah all three are tasty.. Asheville needs a candy bar

charleston.jpgThe Tourists still hold a saucy little record of 27-14 and are happy to be leaving the town of Savannah. We think the over all team sentiment is a pithy “eh, these things happen” attitude. Good managers know how to manage peaks and valleys and if three losses and nine errors in a series is the lowest valley in a season then big deal… remember there are 140 games to be played.


REM.jpgOur largest piece of excitement today is the announcement of R.E.M. band member Peter Buck heading up a Baseball Music Project scheduled to be released on July 8th. There is no doubt that this will make the broadcast on multiple levels and surly will be part of the summer of 2008, and perhaps there is a Tourist theme song in there somewhere.

Some of the song titles include “Gratitude (For Curt Flood)” and “Satchel Paige Said”  


Check out some of the lyrics : “So long ago, so long/Pastime, are you past your
minnie.jpg prime?/The DiMaggios, Shoeless Joe, Minnie Minoso, Yo La Tengo”

Almost sounds like R.E.M.’s baseball version of “End of the World as We know It.”


We are already preparing for Karaoke time with this one.


Yeah needless to say this will be awesome and it begs the question what, if any song can be conjured up to describe the 2008 Asheville Tourists club. Everyone knows the 79′ Pirates had the “We Are Family” bit, but can the Tourists pull out a (clean) song that could be played at McCormick Field throughout the season?


wilson.jpgWith the slim ½ lead for first, we were going to suggest the dated Wilson Phillips song “Hold On For One More Day” Hey, don’t knock the classics. Any suggestions are welcomed here.


Are these gals not cool anymore?  


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