Runs Forest Runs! Where are all the darn Runs in Savannah, Gump?

Savannah has not been the “Hostess City of the South” that the travel industry claims it to be. In fact this tourists town has held the Tourists club to just seven runs in the first three games and Asheville is in jeopardy of losing three straight for the first time this season. Bruce Billings pitched the morning game on Wednesday and set down the first 11 batters and faced the minimum through four innings. Billings left after five innings and allowed
bruce.jpgthree runs on the day.  

 Supersized Fries and the Biltomore on a first date? Indeed.


We could easily match-up the hot travel spots of Savannah with those of Asheville but that contest was nullified this morning when the hotel lobby here in Savannah had on the Travel Channel and the feature was the McDonald’s at the Biltmore. You know your city has made it big when the Travel Channel does a feature on a fast food chain that has over 31,000 stores worldwide and the one in your city is somehow worthy of a 20 minute feature. So even if the Tourists have a tough time against the Sand Gnats we can take solace in the fact that our McDonald’s would whoop Savannah’s any day of the week. Don’t even get us going on the Wendy’s or Burger Kings. Chick Fil-A would bring the hammer as well.   


So statistically speaking, you would assume that Asheville (27-13) would be able to handle Savannah (17-22, team ERA of 4.65) but we all know that is not the way things work. Some teams get your goat. Some players (Michael Parker I am looking at you) don’t do anything all season long but then deliver in clutch situations and forces everyone to think “Where did that come from.”

 Take it to the rack BJ, just not agianst MY team

Call it the Luis Sojo experience or the BJ Armstrong phenomenon whatever salts your pretzel. The point is there is always that one team that can get another team when least expected. The Sand Gnats are that team for the Tourists this season. Consider this:

Asheville has been held scoreless just twice this year, one of those shutouts coming against Savannah and nearly a second on Wednesday until Warren Schaeffer doubled in the ninth. Nearly 1/3 of the team’s losses have come against Savannah and the Sand Gnats have arguably their best pitcher on the mound tonight in Angel Calero.


So to put it all into perspective we give you the shameful movie reference of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.


If you have not seen this flick, do not feel left out. The plot essentially is that Romy and Michelle go to their high school reunion under the burden of not really accomplishing anything since graduation, so they fabricate the story of inventing the sticky office notes known as post-its.


Not much happens throughout the entire film and watching it just might lower your I.Q. seven points, but there is the underlying theme that in high school, there is a hierarchy of people that make fun of and pick on other people. Nothing ground breaking right?


garofalo.jpgHere is the revelation:
Janeane Garofalo’s character.  A dark and bitter women (our kinda gal)  who invented quicker burning cigarettes and felt that everyone made her life miserable. HOWEVER she realizes at the reunion that she too made people’s lives miserable with her apathetic attitude and hurtful remarks.


So the point being is there is always someone that gets at you and the Sand Gnats are just that for the Tourists. I realize after writing this the Lion King’s circle of life might have been an easier movie reference to go with, but hey nobody’s perfect.  



One comment


    I agree with most of what you say. Dark and bitter is our kinda gal.

    However, do I detect sarcasm in your comment about the Biltmore McDonald’s? That McDonald’s, sir, is pretty nice. There is a grand piano in there!

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