“Back on the road. Lets hope she (first place that is) is still there when you wake up. “

Back in action as the Tourists took to the road yesterday and eeked out a victory over the Savannah Sand Gnats. Asheville maintained its ironclad half game lead on first place with a 3-2 thanks to the longest outing of the season by Cory Riordon.



Riordan.jpgSome thoughts to ponder –

Why are the Tourists in first place? Well, they probably have the best team, so I guess that would be a start. They have had consistency in the lineup and rotation throughout the season. Consider some numbers (and you know how we love numbers)

Team batting average  .275 (first in the league) 

Runs per game 5.65 (first in the league)

Team ERA 2.99 (yeah they got that too)


Riordan, one of many reasons why this shoe will not drop. 


So why, with all the talent, the league leader in homeruns (Brian Rike has nine) and two of the top five RBI men Darin Holcomb (28) and Jeffrey Cunningham (28) does it feel the other shoe is going to drop? As if at any moment they could be on the outside looking in.


Perhaps it does not feel that way for the team, but after working for a very poor team that never won ever for three years, from this perspective it feels like things are just bound to take a turn for the worse. Always the pessimist.


Was Brandy to hot and chaming for Joe? Survey says Heck Yeah

dirt.jpg Remember the Movie Joe Dirt? Joe (played by David Spade) had the permanent mullet and had fallen in love with this gorgeous girl Brandy and throughout the entire movie everyone thought she was too hot for him (which she was) but in the end they wind up together.

Following a first place team in a playoff race is similar to that. Hopefully it ends with a happy ever after and Brandy and Joe have little Dirts and eventually film a sequel. Its like dating the girl that is out of your league, you know, the one that will eventually leave you for someone with more money, charm or muscle (or perhaps all three if you are really lucky, a trifecta of heartbreak and failure).   


Expect the worst. Expect a five game skid. Anticipate that string of losses that every team endures, and hope the shoe does not drop unil after the All-Star break..    However that may be hard to do considering… despite opening the season 27-11 the Charleston RiverDogs have battled through injuries and remain just .5 behind Asheville.

BTO.jpgThe Tourists pounded the RiverDogs two best pitchers and took three of four from Charleston and still only have the slim lead. The big series is upcoming in Charleston this weekend, but the Tourists need to apply the pressure and take care of business in Savannah first. Last night, the shoe did not drop, the Tourists woke up and yes the beautiful girl was still around to make pancakes for one more day


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