“How Ugly Can A Win Really Be?”

Do you want to really know the answer to that question? Do you really want to know what types of byproduct go into your sausage or hot dogs? All you need to know is it all tastes good and with a little bit of ketchup, everything is just that much better. The Tourists turned in their version of a don’t ask don’t tell win with an 11-6 victory over the Greenville Drive on Thursday at Fluor Field.


So, just how bad could it be? I guess some things just are better left alone. Don’t ask what’s in the sausage. Don’t ask your girlfriend how much money her last boyfriend made and don’t wonder who was in the hotel room the night before you got there. Just cross your fingers and hope it all works out in the end.  

 This was not a Megan Fox Win


A win is a win. And this one could not be all that bad considering the team knocked out four homeruns and received two clutch hits from Jeffrey Cunningham including a two run single in the ninth to plate the winning run. The four errors may not look so good. The caught stealing does happen and the wild pitches with guys on third base are all part of the game.

Just feel sorry for poor Sheng-an Kuo. The Taiwanese native has yet to get much help behind him in each and every start. Kuo has had to extend himself through long innings and has had some balls drop just out of sheer bad luck. Kuo does have some pretty good pitches but he lacks some serious luck. Which leads me to wonder who has been the unluckiest MLB player in baseball history. And I’m talking in a  good taste, non-tragic Tony Conigliaro/Ray Chapman kinda way.

Is there any way we can track guys who have hits fall- flares never caught – strikes called the other way or defensive lapses behind them day after day? With all the stats that get compiled in baseball you would think that this is feasible. Perhaps I can start it here and we can call it the “Rule of Kuo” or the “K-factor.”

I know people say that over the season these things even out but what if you truly and honestly just have no luck? Is that not feasible? Over the course of mankind is it no possible to imagine one person going through life with absolutely ZERO luck.


The coke machine always takes your money

The Traffic lights are always red

The random jury duty has you on speed dial 

The girl you have completely fallen for moves to Timbuktu to study culture for seven years leaving you in a state of shear disbelief and constant insecurit.

It happens right?


Some people say you make your own luck.
rush hour.jpg


Some people also think “Rush Hour III” and “Bring it On II” are instant movie classics.


One more reason to love America   


 Kuo has not been Nolan Ryan, but he sure as pitched better than his numbers indicate. That’s all I am trying to say.     


bring it on.jpgWhy Not?


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