Welcome to Fenway South – “Its like Fenway Park only without the obnoxious Red Sox Fan and the ‘obstructed view’ seats.


Welcome to Fenway South – “Its like Fenway Park only without the obnoxious Red Sox Fan and the ‘obstructed view’ seats.



The web blog is back as the Tourists embark on a 10 day road trip beginning in Greenville South Carolina. The Tourists lost 5-3 on Wednesday in a day game with two homeruns from Darin Holcomb and a strong 10 strikeout performance from Bruce Billings…


All of that however might be secondary to the most gorgeous minor league ballpark built completely out of place in Greenville, SC. Fluor Field (and yes that is the correct spelling) is built as a miniature Fenway Park. The dimensions, crevices and structure are all similar to one of the nation’s most famous sporting venues. And while it is not my intent to bash anyone over the head with northeastern bias (that’s what ESPN is for) it would be an injustice to mention that one most notable items is missing from the Fenway replica – the obstructed view seat.

Obstructed view.jpg

All Part of the Fenway Experience

As most know, it is tough (and lets not forget expensive as all can be) to procure tickets to a Red Sox game in Boston. Nowadays getting affordable tickets to a SAWX game is tougher than finding sober fans at a NASCAR race, or no wait… harder than finding someone who can pass a drug test at Bonaroo.. no wait.. more scarce then finding…. well, you get the picture.

While growing up in Massachusetts my father would go out of his way to break the bank and make sure our family would get to take in at least one contest at the Fens each season. Unfortunately sometimes the only tickets are the ‘obstructed view’ variety. For those that have no idea what that is, the picture to here should say it all. ‘Obstructed view’ really means no bleeping view at all. I have created a list of other adjectives and phrases that might better explain this situation:

1.      Blocked View

2.      Blinded View

3.      Hindered View

3B. NO View

3C. bellevue  

4.      Completely void of any View  

5.      The Stevie Wonder Special Seats

6.      VIP (very identifiable partition)


It Could be Worse, these seats were full price…

obstructed view 2.jpgWe could go on and on, but the point being that some people in a smoke filled Boston room chose the word “obstructed” it has stuck ever since.  Long live marketing.  

            Truth be told Fluor Field is a gem, and if this stadium was built in any small town such as Cabot, East Highgate or HalifaxVermont it would surely sell out every single game.  


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