“Kevin Clark kinda sounds like ‘Clark Kent’ and they both can do some damage”

Asheville has split the first two games of the series against Greensboro and currently are second in the division, two games back of the Charleston Riverdogs.  It seems that Charleston just won’t lose. The first place Riverdogs are 9-1 and defeated Rome in extra innings again last night. I think it is safe to say that they will go an astonishing 130-10 during the season, eclipsing the Tourists greatest season ever (120-20 projected several days ago) and we can all just forget about actually playing the games and start focusing on who and what games to boycott during the Olympics.


Well, maybe we shouldn’t go that far, especially since the Tourists have a string of players that can flat out mash. Enter Kevin Clark: Outfielder and Superhero extraordinaire.

kent.jpgNormally there should not be to much emphasis put into things that happen during batting practice – that is unless those things are phenomenal feats of human strength and prowess that subsequently turn into things that happen during the game that then assist in Asheville winning ballgames which then makes the world turn and frees Tibet at the same time.



Clark vs. Scoreboard – Tale of the Tape



willie.jpgSpectator during BP – “He hit that ball so far and high, Willie Nelson was jealous”


Kevin Clark hit a ball over the giant scoreboard in right-center field during BP on Saturday. So who do you think would win in a best of three no-holds-bar match-up?


Clark – Able to leap buildings in a single bound. 6-0. 200 pounds from Seffner Florida. Once saved five kittens from a condemned building that was about to be demolished.  


Video Board – 66 feet tall with a 17′-7″ x 23′-6″ video board. It is the second largest video board in minor league baseball. It also hates old people, children and dogs and once stole a foul ball from a ten year old celebrating his birthday at the Park. This is one
video.jpgmean video board, really.


Clark then followed suit in the game with his first homerun of the season on Saturday. The Tourists hit four of em’ as Spence Nagy, Helder Velasquez and Lars Davis all added their first round-trippers of the season. The 7-3 win snapped a two game skid and guarantees the team a .500 record on the road trip. Till next time.




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