Saying goodbye to Kannapolis – “This place is dead anyway”

dale.jpgThere is not much to see in Kannapolis. The suffix “polis” is an ancient Greek term to describe a city. If given my way I would go with Kanna – not much here but American sprawl and a haunting sense of a hero named Earnheardt gone but never forgotten. Or something along those lines.  The Tourists are done with this place for the season. Thanks for the three wins.


Anyway the Tourists had their four game winning streak snapped and just missed the sweep of the Intimidators 3-1 on Thursday. Oh and it was a “Thirsty Thursday” so there was plenty of people willing to tell me stories on the way out of the park. I’ll give a glimpse of the highlights:


                                    “You are so money, you don’t even know it”


Fan – “I used to drink with Dale (Earnheardt) when he was just a regular guy. Not like he changed when he got big, but before he got big ya know. My sister’s, cousin’s, friend’s brother was his best….”


Me – (nodding politely) uh-huh, ok, (zoning out) …


Fan   (several minutes of yapping later)… and that’s why if I won 10 million in the lottery I would buy a double wide and FOUR Doberman’s..


Me – (thinking about that scene from office space where the main character says he would do nothing at all if he won the lottery and his neighbor says you don’t have to win the lottery to do nothing, hell his cousin does nothing all day) .. uh-huh, four of em eh?


Ok so I cant make this stuff up and some of the other fans told me that the people here really are not all like that and I totally understand how a few people can create a stereotype for a region/city. I mean heck, I’m from Massachusetts and everyone assumes that we are all loud, obnoxious Sox and Patriot fans and well that’s not really true right?
sox fan.jpg


So Brian Rike hit his fourth homerun of the season in the first inning on Thursday and now has four to lead the league. Each of Rike’s homeruns have been solo shots. Rumor has it that he hits the ball so hard people don’t like to get on base in front of him because he may just take their head of with one swing of the bat.





 There is a Chuck Norris joke in there somewhere I just don’t have the creativity for it right now… if you come up with it feel free to comment. I guess you could start with “Brian Rike does not hit homeruns, he hits balls that wish they were never born.” It’s not perfect, but it’s a start


  Corey Riordan gritted his way across 6 1/3 innings and left in the seventh after a strikeout and a walk. Craig Rodriguez entered and after loading the bases picked up a ground ball to end the inning. He followed with a 1-2-3 eighth. Riordan’s performance was backed by solid defensive plays from SS Helder Velasquez, RF Kevin Clark and CF Michael Mitchell. 


The team rolls on to Greensboro, and trust me, Greensoro is no Asheville. In every context. More on that later. Game time 7:05 Connor Graham makes his second start of the season tonight. Listen Live on WRES FM 100.7.


Till then –     


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