“He is like Pedro only, taller, less Dominican and without the 94 MPH fastball”

Ok so maybe Joey Williamson is not really like Pedro Martinez, but they do both have the knack to strikeout batters. So with that in mind I bring you today a hot topic of debate: When was the last time America had an honest, famous guy named Joey? Immediately toss out Joey from Friends because he’s a fictional character and therefore does not count.  For this purpose I am talking about a guy who has the gall to stand up and say “Call me Joey: and then let me strike you out.” Even Albert “Joey Belle,” one of the all time-baseball enigmas and a guy who would smash the clubhouse with his baseball bat would not let people call him Joey.


So meet Joey Williamson- A Notre Dame product who has shown an early and uncanny ability to strikeout hitters. Williamson was a late round pick in 2007 and well, I will get you his numbers in a moment, but first let’s look at how bad America needs this Joey.

 Sandwiches Anyone ?”

There are two, immediate Joey’s that come to my mind. One is the late great Joey Ramone and the other is Joey Buttafucco. In Ramone’s case his real name was Jeffry (yeah that’s right no “e” at least to my knowledge) and even though the Ramones rock and everyone knows it, that Joey is no longer with us (RIP). So that leaves us with the shamed name of the much maligned Joey Buttafuoco.

 “Pick me up at six? Sure its a Se-date

Joey.jpgThe picking are slim with a solid Joey and here comes Joey Williamson, RHP for the Asheville Tourists to set the record straight. With the name Joe assigned to greats like “Torre” and “DiMaggio” and the longer version “Joseph” associated with a mass murder (Stalin) the Rockies organization presents yesterday’s starting pitcher Joey Williamson:



Williamson struck out eight in four innings during a morning spot start in an 11-3 route, brining his season totals to 7IP, 13K 4 H and 0 R.  The early indication is that Williamson will be used in a long relief/spot starting role, however if he continues to put up those kind of number the powers that be cant keep him out of a chance to start forever, can they? Well, perhaps they can, and Williamsons and his 36th round draft status certainly does not aid his case, but if you look even further back to last season the numbers are there as well… perhaps if you phrase his status like this:


“What if I told you I had a pitcher who has never lost a professional game, and has a k/9 IP ratio better than some of the greatest pitchers that ever lived… Would that be something you would be interested in? Oh, I almost forgot he has a Notre Dame education and wont cost you all that much.”

 “Please dont call me Joseph”

Truth be told it is still waaaaaaay early in the season and in these  players careers to jump in one direction or another but at least at this point, Joey Williamson has looked solid and has been a key to the early success of the Tourists.    



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