Baseball for Breakfast –

Good Morning everyone, the Tourists have their first day game of the season this morning a 10:05 start against the Kannapolis Intimidators. What exactly does that mean? Well it means we all have to get up early and trudge to the ballpark and hope for another gorgeous day and a Tourists win. It means a spot start for Notre Dame product Joey WIlliamson. It means that there may just be 3,000 screaming elementary school kids running around unsupervised giving all the teachers a much needed three hour recess. If you were a teacher would you not want to bring your class out to a morning game? Where else can you just let the kids loose and kick back with a hot dog and count the days till summer vacation?  

 Asheville won last night with Jhoulys Chacin making a bid for perfection and ultimately settling for eight scoreless innings on three hits. Brian Rike hit his second homer of the season and the team has now held the Intimidators to just one run in the first two games.

Soooooooo… pitching has been key and as Chacin flirted with perfection on the 14th anniversary of Kent Merker’s no hitter against Los Angeles, the Tourists have picked up  a swagger and a 5-1 record.

bagels.jpgSo gimmie a bagel, butter and a bat and we can get this day started.





                                                                                                    Dont skimp on my cream cheese


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